Integrated supplier

We deliver all mechanical products required for urban water and waste water infrastructure as well as treatment plants and pumping stations. Our products are also widely accepted in power plants and industry worldwide.

Adoption Steps

Quality & Certifications

Each valve is tested according to international standards and customers’ demands to ensure tightness for the desired application. For example on all our butterfly valves, knife gate valves and plunger valves we issue certificate EN 10204 3.1 confirming materials and pressure testing as standard without extra costs.

Made in Europe

We believe in constant quality at the highest level therefore our products are made in Europe and meet the most stringent quality requirements.


All of our products are made-to-order and can be customized to desired specifications. From body- and disc material to actuator. We will deliver timeously

Worldwide export

With dedicated sales agents in all of Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and even the USA we have worldwide coverage. We want to serve you and meet your needs

Water management system

Our open-source software measures flow and pressure which are used as input for the management algorithm. The actuator on the valve is controlled accordingly to regulate (reduce and increase) the pressure at the critical point in order to reduce leakage in the DMA. To prevent shocks, eventually causing water hammer, the opening- and closing speed of the valve can be adjusted separately.


Technimex delivers an almost ‘plug-&-play’ container or manhole which will be installed at the input-side of the critical area. This container or manhole includes the plunger valve which is used to control the pressure: 1% reduction in water pressure results in approximately 1.2% reduction of lost water. It also includes the actuators, pressure- and flow sensors that are needed for the water management system. Additionally, to power the actuators and control system, a hydro-generator with battery back-up is installed.